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| [[Baptist General Conference]]||See [[Converge Worldwide]]
| [[Baptist General Conference]]||See [[Converge Worldwide]]
| [[CBAmerica]]||NO
| [[CB America]]||NO
| [[Central Baptist Association]]||NO
| [[Central Baptist Association]]||NO
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| [[Concordia Lutheran Conference]]||NO
| [[Concordia Lutheran Conference]]||NO
| [[Conservative Baptist Association of America]]||See [[CBAmerica]]
| [[Conservative Baptist Association of America]]||See [[CB America]]
| [[Conservative Mennonite Conference]]||NO
| [[Conservative Mennonite Conference]]||NO

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Denomination, Movement, Organization, & Affiliations Formal Statement/Position on Gender Selection
Alliance of Baptists NO
Alliance of Renewal Churches NO
American Anglican Council NO
American Association of Lutheran Churches NO
American Baptist Association NO
Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church See Augustana Catholic Church
Apostolic Lutheran Church of America NO
Assemblies of God (USA) NO
Association of Confessional Lutherans NO
Association of Free Lutheran Congregations NO
Augustana Catholic Church See Roman Catholic Church
Baptist Bible Fellowship International NO
Baptist General Conference See Converge Worldwide
CB America NO
Central Baptist Association NO
Church of the Lutheran Brethren NO
Church of the Lutheran Confession NO
Church of the Nazarene NO
Concordia Lutheran Conference NO
Conservative Baptist Association of America See CB America
Conservative Mennonite Conference NO
Converge Worldwide NO
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship NO
Enterprise Association of Regular Baptists NO
Episcopal Church NO
Evangelical Free Church of America NO
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America NO
Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship NO
Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association NO
Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International NO
General Association of General Baptists NO
General Six-Principle Baptists NO
Independent Baptist Fellowship International NO
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod NO
Mennonite Church USA NO
National Association of Evangelicals NO
Orthodox Church in America NO
Presbyterian Church in America NO
Presbyterian Church USA YES
Roman Catholic Church NO
Salvation Army NO
Seventh-Day Adventist Church YES
Southern Baptist Convention NO
United Methodist Church YES
Wesleyan Church NO
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